What was the average sales cycle in 2023?
What was the average ACV in January 2023?
What’s the average website touchpoints required to generate an MQL if your ACV is less than $20K?
Which channel has the highest split of touchpoints until an MQL is created?
How many touchpoints does it take to convert from SQL to CW, if your ACV is >$80K?
Website visits through G2 decrease the number of touchpoints by how much?
According to SRA, what % of the data does not fall under direct, organic, or PPC?
According to SRA data, how much ROI do events have on the revenue level?
What’s the average pipeline generated by an SDR?
What’s the average conversion rate for pricing pages?
Reading case studies improves the likelihood of becoming an opportunity by how much?
What’s the average budget spent for LinkedIn in Q4-2023?
What’s the average CPC on LinkedIn in Q3-2023?
What’s the LinkedIn influence on outbound deals?
What’s the average sales cycle of outbound deals if they have ad engagements?
How much do interactive demos increase the chance of generating demos?
If companies provide interactive demos, how much does this speed up the sales cycle?
What was the average budget allocation for Google in Q1-2024?
Which channel had the best close rate in the first quarter of 2024?
What % of the total pipeline in Q1 was generated in March 2024?
What was the average ACV in March 2024?
What’s the average number of blog posts visited before submitting any forms?
What’s the average number of blog posts visited until a deal is closed?
What was the pipeline ROI of Google Ads in 2022?
What’s the average revenue ROI of Google Ads in the last two years?
What % of the SRA answers contained G2 in the first quarter of 2024?
What’s the average MQL:SQL conversion rate of the companies with the demand generation motion?
If a company has a lead generation motion, what’s the average sales cycle of this company?
According to Chris Walker, which data point presented was flawed?
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