Answer 15 multiple choice questions from 15 Lab reports for a chance to win a free Tesla!

All of the answers are in these reports.
No secrets, nothing hidden.
The idea of Labs Reports came from one question:
"What would my CMO want to know?"

Although it started as an experiment, these Labs reports are being read by over 20,000 people every month, and the Labs data is being used by companies like Gartner, LinkedIn, and G2.

To celebrate our 15th report, we decided to do something extra...

This test contains 15 questions, all from the Labs reports released this year. You take the quiz, answer the questions, and we'll give away a free Tesla to a random person amongst the highest scorers.

Literally, anyone can win!
Is this serious?
So are you really giving away an actual car, a Tesla?
How can I find the answers?
Who can join the competition?
How many times can I enter?
When is the last entry time?
What do I need to do to join?
When and how the winner will be chosen?